Frank & Lola's

Neighborhood Restaurant & Bar

Frank & Lola's is a neighborhood restaurant & bar located in the heart of historic downtown Bartlesville, OK. We serve only the highest of quality American cuisine in a fun, family friendly atmosphere.

We are proud members of Jakin & Boaz, a fantastic purchasing group which allows us to bring you the highest quality meal at a fair price.

Our fresh, never frozen, locally-sourced beef is carefully processed and prepared by our friends at McFerron Quality Meats in Nowata, Oklahoma.

Alex Culbreth

We don't book many solo acts at Frank & Lola's.  This isn't your typical solo act as Alex Culbreth uses every limb to create a full band, energetic sound!

IYL:  Shaky Graves, White Stripes, Bert the Chimney Sweep

Alex finishing off is debut set at the 2013 Woody Guthrie Festival.