Frank & Lola's

Neighborhood Restaurant & Bar

Frank & Lola's is a neighborhood restaurant & bar located in the heart of historic downtown Bartlesville, OK. We serve only the highest of quality American cuisine in a fun, family friendly atmosphere.

We are proud members of Jakin & Boaz, a fantastic purchasing group which allows us to bring you the highest quality meal at a fair price.

Our fresh, never frozen, locally-sourced beef is carefully processed and prepared by our friends at McFerron Quality Meats in Nowata, Oklahoma.

Paul Benjaman Band and Friends tearing up the street!  Photo by Tony Lehmer


“Sunset doesn’t last all evening.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached the end of a joyous road. I have accepted a job that will require me to relocate and as a result, we will no longer be offering live music at Frank & Lola’s. I approached Adam & Katy in 2008 with an idea and a promise to handle all aspects of live music - from booking to promotion to day of show logistics. Once I have left the state, I won’t be able to continue honoring this commitment.

The memories stemming from these shows will last a lifetime. These four brick walls have absorbed (and bounced around) some of the most amazing music created by humble, unassuming artists from all across this vast country. We will always be grateful for what they have brought us and it has been our pleasure taking care of them.

To the patrons, thank you for your attention and your support. One of the comments I most often receive from musicians performing here is that regardless of the size of the crowd, those in attendance are always engaged with the music. Frank and Lola’s has a reputation in the live music community as a place where the music and the musician is appreciated by staff and audience alike and I’m thankful that we have been able to create a comfortable atmosphere for so many for as long as we have.

Those who have performed previously: 

Joe Sundell // Alex Culbreth // Ego Culture // John Calvin Abney // Leo Rondeau // SHEL // The Jacob Fred Trio // Samantha Crain // Parker Millsap // Paul Benjaman Band // Wink Burcham // Pilgrim // Greencorn Rebellion // Fire & Flood // The Dizzy Pickers // Travis Fite & What's That // Kyle Reid & The Low Swingin' Chariots // The Chris Combs Elaborative Collaborative (Parts I through IV)  // Tom Skinner // Susan Herndon // Jackie Myers Band // The Big O Show // Fire In The Pines // The Archer Trio // John Moreland // Todd Clouser's A Love Electric // Ramsay Midwood // Yojimbo // Dustin Pittsley Band // Loves It! // Klondike 5 // Jake Briscoe // Seth Sherman // The Patti Fiasco // The Red Dirt Rangers // The Paperclips // The Hey Diddles String Band // Jessie Torrisi & The Please Please Me // $2 Bill // Barrelhouse Revelers // Desi & Cody // The Vespers // John Fullbright // The Lonesome Heroes // Ian McFeron // The Yawpers // The Atomic Duo // Whirligig // Beau Roberson, Wink Burcham, Cody Clinton // The Whistle Pigs // The O's // Truckstop Honeymoon // The Real Nasty // Adam Lopez // Steve Pryor // Horsefeather // Shotgun Party // Little Joe McCleran // The Reverend Omatic // Electric Rag Band // Jesse Aycock Band // Ray Bonneville // Eric Sarmiento // Travis Linville // Sage Flower // Josh & Kyle // Morris McCorvey // Wisebird // The Flatland Travelers // Loveghost // Joe Mack // Carter Sampson // Tall Cotton String Band // Gogo Plumbay // Sterling Witt // Eric Devries // Smokey & The Mirror // Von Stomper // Peculiar Patriots // Harumph // Jacob Tovar & The Saddle Tramps // Robert Hoefling // Chris Lee Becker // Robert Cody Maxwell

...and a few we may have left out...